Keaton Flowers Graphic Design and Illustration Logo


A meal kit service that introduces basic cooking skills to children through accessible international recipes. 

Package design, Illustration, Branding

Wayfinding and updated graphics for a local public library, with a focus on community voices.

Wayfinding, Illustration, Branding

With an identity inspired by early twentieth century newsreels, this sports resort encourages guests to live out their own larger-than-life moments destined to become memories. 

Illustration, Branding

This fast-casual brand serves up a colorful vision of the future, filled with fried food, carousels, and robots serving pie. World’s Fair meets County Fair!

Package design, Illustration, Branding

As an artist-led small business of over ten years, Wonder Fair requires a variety of visual solutions that fit the diverse styles making up the brand and its merchandise.

Package design, Illustration